Fuck YouTube’s Anti-bullying TOS

(Intro)(Slide 1 – stick and YT logo)Fuck the new YouTube anti-bullying Terms of Service(Slide 2 – Diaglogue)But Cowpie, YouTube is a safe place where content creators should be allowed to express themselves freely without fear of bullying.(Slide 3 – Dialogue 2)No, nope.  Fuck you, you dirty, smelly, over sensitive twat waffle.(Slide 4 – Stickson chill, holding salt shaker)Look, obviously I’m a bit salty about these new Terms of Service right?But before I lay out the very logical, well thought out reasons why I think this is all a bunch of fucking horse shit (Slide 5, shit), let me make perfectly clear exactly what I’m NOT pissed off about.(Slide 6 – Don’t tread)The Libertarian in me strongly believes that anyone should be able to say anything they want, to whomever they want, where ever they want as long as they’re in the public space.But,(Slide 7 – Youtube)Youtube is NOT public space.  YouTube is a private company and in the same way that private citizens have rights, private companies also have rights.  In this case, they have the right to make sure that the type of content that they allow on their website conforms with the reputation they want their brand to represent.So, to be clear.  While free speech is among the freedoms that I strongly believe are inalienable, my disagreement here has nothing to do with censorship.Nope, is this case I’m fucking pissed because the powers that be at YouTube are slowly butt fucking the shit out of this website without the common courtesy of giving their life blood, the content creators, a good solid reach around. Now, I’m about to give you 3 brilliant reasons why these new changes are harmful to the YouTube community, but, before I do, understand that I realize that this topic has been covered by many YouTubers that have actual subscribers.  I’m not trying to piggy back on a trend here.  I think I have some unique things to add to this conversation, so sit the fuck down and let Dr. Cowpie work.(Slide – What happened)For those of you who may have just freshly popped out of your mom’s cooch, let me quickly explain what happened. First of all, it should be noted that YouTube didn’t completely change their cyberbullying rules.Of the 7 bullet points you see listed on your screen, the first 6 are not new.  The recent terms of service change only added the 7th bullet point which warns creators not to publish content that could be considered, and I quote, “incitement to harass other users and creators”. This is alone doesn’t bother me in the slightest.  In fact, creators that provoke their subscribers to dislike, unsubscribe, troll, or just in general be a cunt to other creators probably deserve a reprimand.  It’s one thing to criticize, it’s another to deploy an army of rabid 12 year olds to fuck with someone else’s career.  If you’re that guy, fuck you, fuck your channel, eat a herpetic dick and die.  So far YouTube, we’re cool.  Now, let me tell you why you’re fucking up.(Slide – Reason 1)If you haven’t seen Grade A Under A’s 2 part video entitled “everything that’s wrong with YouTube” check it out as soon as this video is done.  I’ll link it for you in the description.  It’s articulate, accurate, and funny as fuck.  So seriously, go watch it.Here’s a quick recap.  YouTube currently has 7 community guidelines and not a fuck one of them is being enforced. So, YouTube, instead of creating even more rules, how about working to enforce the rules you already fucking have! Look, it’s no secret that there’s more content on YouTube than the company can efficiently monitor.  So in short, you’re basically free to abuse the fuck out of any community guideline you want, and YouTube likely isn’t gonna give a single shit.But CowPie, if the standards aren’t going to be enforced, then what’s the problem?Ah, great question.  Here’s the problem.  Because there are all of these rules, and they’re all regularly broken, and there are famous YouTubers all over the place making 6 figure salaries by breaking them, YouTube commentators don’t know what the fuck to do in regards to these new rules. Seriously, go find your favorite YouTuber who has made a video on these changes.  Chances are what they said was something like “I don’t know if this effects my channel or not”.  The new rule is super vague, prone to abuse, and now sits amongst a list of more clearly written rules, that nobody cares to enforce and nobody is really sure what in the holy hell they’re supposed to make of all of this.(Slide – Reason 2)Speaking of rules not being enforced, while YouTube was busy making new rules to make sure nobody’s feelings get hurt, they’ve done virtually nothing to eliminate the one true ACTUAL problem that exists in this community.  Blatant content thieves.  This is such a huge problem that any big YouTuber who makes a video can be practically guaranteed that within hours their video will be re-uploaded a dozen times along side some pathetic excuse of a “reaction” – notice the quotation marks used here to emphasize my sarcasm – and that a generous portion of the revenue they could have made on their content is going to be going to someone else.This has become such a major problem that even huge recording artists like Taylor Swift have had to come out and publically complain about frequent theft of their content.This, YouTube, this right here, is an ACTUAL problem.  This is what you should have been working on instead of trying to protect some over sensitive douche nozzle’s precious feelings.(Slide – Reason 3)This right here, this might be the most important over site that many YouTubers have overlooked when bitching about this issue. This new rule change has pathed the way for rampant abuse.  In short, everyone who has even the slightest negative thing said about them can file a claim and then it becomes up to the creator to try and keep his video, maybe even his fucking channel, up and running.Now pay attention clearly because this is the important part.  YouTube is an amazing service because it provides a platform for everyone not just the lucky, the rich, and the well connected. BUT, think of it this way.  Let’s say you’re a musician right, and you’re trying to be all rich and famous and respected and shit.  There’s a process you’re going to have to go through.  You start out playing for your family, then maybe a few local gigs playing at shitty bars for one drunken homeless guy passed out and drooling on the bar.  Then maybe you start to tour around the state, the country, you get some TV time, and BAM you’ve made it.  Congratulations!  You’re a rock star! But you had to go through a process to get there.  And at even given point in the process if it became evident that your signing was dog shit, then you don’t move any further.  You’ve been vetted, and YouTube has no vetting process.Face it, 99% of the content on this page, mine include, is fucking brain cancer.  Criticism by other YouTubers IS the vetting process and you can bet your ass that if you remove the right to criticize the amount of cancer content is just going to grow.In that way criticism is not only a right, it’s a necessity.  We need to have the ability to call a turd a turn without worrying whether some over sensitive pussy is going to ruin our careers with a bully strike.(slide – in conclusion)Look, I suspect that, like all of the other rules on YouTube, this one is simply going to go on unenforced as well.  But, the fact that YouTube has been actively thinking about bullying as a problem leads me to think they’re going to be paying more attention bullying than they are the shit they should be paying attention to, like content thieves.  The fact that no YouTuber really knows how this effects them is terrifying.  I can guarantee you that Operation Karuche Tran was originally much more vicious that it ended up being after this anti-bullying shit dropped.  So, YouTube, get your shit together man.  You’re fucking it up for all of us.Last but not least, ever video I want to drop a shoutout to someone who I don’t think gets the attention it deserves.  Usually it will be another YouTube channel that I like, but today it’s going to be a FaceBook page.The Brolo Nation is an awesome group of super intelligent, funny, creative people, and in all honesty, they’ve done a lot to inspire me to actually go forward with this channel.  I’ve been on and around YouTube since 2006 or something, but never really took making a channel seriously because I never thought some normal guy look me could ever make an impact.  But the Brolo Nation is full of people just like me who are doing big things.  So to Shane More, Steven Tibbs and all of the other Brole’s, thanks for the inspiration.  Everyone should seriously check them out.  Link provided in the comments.Leave a like and subscribe if you dug this video.  If not, I don’t know, eat a dick or something.